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Oct 7 – Oct 8
Submission Deadline: 30 April 2020 
Number in the World's Languages
In press

Edited by: P. Acquaviva, M. Daniel.

Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 2021.

Book chapter
GRAMEVAL 2020 Shared Task: Russian Full Morphology and Universal Dependencies Parsing

Lyashevskaya O., Shavrina T., Trofimov I. et al.

In bk.: Компьютерная лингвистика и интеллектуальные технологии: По материалам ежегодной международной конференции «Диалог» (Москва, 17 июня — 20 июня 2020 г.). Вып. 19(26), 2020.. Iss. 19(26). M.: 2020. Ch. 38. P. 553-569.

Working paper
Length Of Constituent As A Relevant Factor In Russian Syntax

Letuchiy A.

Linguistics. WP BRP. НИУ ВШЭ, 2019. No. WP BRP 88/LNG/2019.


He, drunk and merry; she, in tears: null copula in Russian

On February 3 rd , Aleksandr Letuchiy presented a report on the syntactic properties of the null copula in Russian language.

Multilingual International students visit sociolinguistics class at the School of Linguistics

On February 27 th , the seminar in sociolinguistics for the 2 nd -year students invited two international students - Guise Kalidou from Senegal and Samson Dodgy Fenuku from Ghana – to discuss the situation of multilingualism. Russian students had to find out which languages are in use in the native areas of the two international students, in which situation each of those languages is used, the status of each of the languages in question, and the African students’ personal attitude to those languages.

Dahl’s Explanatory Dictionaryand other linguistic games

Dahl’s Explanatory Dictionaryand other linguistic games
On February 13 th , professors and students from the School of Linguistics held a session of linguistic games for the Russian Language finalists of the Olympiad “Vysshaya Proba” (“the purest tint”). Katerina Goncharova, Lyubov Klimenchenko, and Nikita Medyankin headed by the Associate Professor Vladimir Fayer  conducted the linguistic games designed by several professors from the School of Linguistics.

HSE Students Participated in SEFER’s Winter School on Jewish Studies

From February 3 – 6, 2015, students from the HSE took part in the Winter School on Jewish Studies organized by SEFER, a Russian-language centre for university teaching of Jewish studies. The School brought together people who study the Jewish culture, the Yiddish and Hebrew languages. Elizaveta Kuzmenko, a 3rd-year student of the School of Linguistics, told us about her participation in it.

Olga Sozinova at University of Tromsø Conference

On January 22-23 Norway’s University of Tromsø held the ‘Norwegian Graduate Student Conference in Linguistics and Philology (NoSLiP),’ organized by the Norwegian Graduate Researcher School in Linguistics and Philology.

Leonid Kulikov Explains How the Syntax of Indo-European Languages Changed

From 20th-24th January Leonid Kulikov, (University of Ghent, Belgium) gave HSE linguistics students a mini-course in diachronic typology. The lectures and seminars were on the historical syntax of Indo-European languages in terms of typology.

Workshop on Lexical Typology at University of Helsinki

On December 1-3, 2014 a workshop on lexical typology was held at the University of Helsinki. The event was organized by students and lecturers from HSE Faculty of Humanities specializing in fundamental and computer linguistics.