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Regular version of the site
The many facets of agreement

Caha P., Kasenov D., Starke M. et al.

Muenchen: Lincom Europa, 2023.

Book chapter
GroundHog: Dialogue Generation using Multi-Grained Linguistic Input

Chernyavskiy A., Ostyakova L., Ilvovsky D.

In bk.: Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Discourse (CODI 2024). Association for Computational Linguistics, 2024. P. 149-160.

Working paper
Grammar in Language Models: BERT Study

Chistyakova K., Kazakova Tatiana.

Linguistics. WP BRP. НИУ ВШЭ, 2023. No. 115.

Research Projects

Research Projects in 2023

Research and Study Groups

Group lead: Natalia Slioussar

Group lead: Tatiana Reznikova

Group lead: Ekaterina Vlasova


Research groups led by staff members

Group lead: Andrian Vlakhov

Group lead: Daria Ryzhova

  • Typological Constructicon

Group lead: Alexander Letuchiy

Research groups led by students

  • Asymmetry in coding spatial meanings in world languages 

Group lead: Konstantin Filatov

  • Linguopodcast: on linguistics and its students. Season 2

Group lead: Maria Bocharova

  • New words in Shughni and data collection for a database of verbs: Shughni verbs from the typological perspective. A project in support of the Shughni language
Group lead: Daria Chistyakova
  • Development of the online platform for studies of the Parmir region languages

Group lead: Dmitry Novokshanov

  • Creating an online resource on the Sami languages of Russia

Group lead: Anton Buzanov