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Regular version of the site
The many facets of agreement

Caha P., Kasenov D., Starke M. et al.

Muenchen: Lincom Europa, 2023.

Make more empirically grounded linguistics using cross-linguistic example database

Moroz G.

Journal of the Field Linguists Society. 2024. No. 1.

Book chapter
Languages examined or referred to in the present book

Creissels D., Zúñiga F., Moroz G.

In bk.: Applicative Constructions in the World's Languages. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 2024. P. 61-73.

Working paper
Grammar in Language Models: BERT Study

Chistyakova K., Kazakova Tatiana.

Linguistics. WP BRP. НИУ ВШЭ, 2023. No. 115.

Research Projects

Research Projects in 2023

Research and Study Groups

Group lead: Natalia Slioussar

Group lead: Tatiana Reznikova

Group lead: Ekaterina Vlasova


Research groups led by staff members

Group lead: Andrian Vlakhov

Group lead: Daria Ryzhova

  • Typological Constructicon

Group lead: Alexander Letuchiy

Research groups led by students

  • Asymmetry in coding spatial meanings in world languages 

Group lead: Konstantin Filatov

  • Linguopodcast: on linguistics and its students. Season 2

Group lead: Maria Bocharova

  • New words in Shughni and data collection for a database of verbs: Shughni verbs from the typological perspective. A project in support of the Shughni language
Group lead: Daria Chistyakova
  • Development of the online platform for studies of the Parmir region languages

Group lead: Dmitry Novokshanov

  • Creating an online resource on the Sami languages of Russia

Group lead: Anton Buzanov