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Number in the World's Languages
In press

Edited by: P. Acquaviva, M. Daniel.

Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 2022.

Geography and language divergence: The case of Andic languages

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Plos One. 2022. Vol. 17. No. 5.

Book chapter
HSE at LSCDiscovery in Spanish: Clustering and Profiling for Lexical Semantic Change Discovery

Kashleva K., Shein A., Tukhtina E. et al.

In bk.: Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change. Dublin: Association for Computational Linguistics, 2022. P. 193-197.

Working paper
A hybrid lemmatiser for Old Church Slavonic

Afanasev I.

Linguistics. WP BRP. НИУ ВШЭ, 2021

HSE announces an open call for applications for the Student Research Paper Competition (NIRS) in all fields of study

HSE has started to accept papers for the annual Student Research Paper Competition. 

You can submit your application on the Competition’s website at http://nirs.hse.ru/nirs/up until October 15, 2018.

The competition results will be announced at the official awards ceremony in December.

There will be several pleasant changes this year. Firstly, a new nomination in Education has been opened. Secondly, we now welcome applications from students from all universities in all fields of study, and this means that even more young researchers can take part in the Student Research Paper Competition.

About the Competition

This year you can submit an application in 22 fields of study. These fields include Business Informatics, Public Administration, Integrated Communications, Art and Design, History, Computer Sciences, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Mathematics, Media Communications, Management, Philology, Philosophy, Finance, Economics, Law, World Economy, World Politics and Oriental Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, and Education. Two separate competitions will be held in each field - one for undergraduate students, and another one for Master’s students and 2018 graduates. The only exception is Mathematics, which offers only one competition for all students.


Undergraduate or Master’s students enrolled at any Russian or foreign university, as well as this year’s alumni are eligible to take part in the competition. All papers will be submitted and reviewed online, therefore you don’t have to visit Moscow in order to take part in the competition.


Winners and laureates of the competition will receive a diploma, which they can add to their portfolio. State-funded students will get extra points to boost their chances of getting an increased scholarship, and fee-paying students will be granted discounts during admission to HSE Master’s programmes.

Furthermore, the NIRS diploma will allow the winner to take part in the All-Russian Student Research Paper Competition, as well as join HSE’s projects focused on the development of students’ academic potential.

Papers shall be accepted in Russian and in English.

All papers shall be reviewed in an anonymized format.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Organizing Committee at tzakharova@hse.ru or

by phone: 772 95 90, ext. 22557. Contact person: Elena Titova.